Job Interview and Resume Writing Assistance

We can help you get that interview and ensure you stand out from the crowd. (eg)

At Beyond Migration, we know that finding a job in Australia as a temporary resident or student is very difficult. That’s why we are offering expert advice on preparing for job interviews, tips on how to answer various job interview questions and what to do after the interview is over. We provide face-to-face and online help, through email, ‘chat’ and Skype. In this way we are able to help clients from every state and territory in Australia and as well as skilled workers looking for jobs from overseas.

Our Resume Writing Services is designed for people who want to make employers sit up and take notice. We selectively hand-pick the best resumes from around the country and customise them to you to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved.


Job Interview Assistance

Involves helping with:

  1. Interview Etiquette
  2. Rapport building
    • Includes providing you with valuable talking points for conversations during the interview including:
      • Knowledge of the employer/company
      • Conversational topics i.e. sports
    • How to sell yourself and your skills/abilities
  3. Answering interview questions
    • Includes answering practice questions that could possibly come up during the interview
  4. Questions to ask after the interview


$750 + GST for a 3 hours Job Interview workshop.

Resume Writing Assistance

  1. Compiling relevant material to put into the resume
  • Involves weighing up what the potential employer would want and not want to know
  1. Writing your resume
    • Involves providing:
      • Contact Details
      • Opening Statement
      • List of key skills
      • Personal Attributes/Career Overview
      • Education Qualifications
      • Employment history/volunteering/work placements
  2. Editing your resume
    • Involves:
      • Formatting your resume
      • Correcting any errors

Our Fees

$250 + GST for a detailed and customised resume with up to 3 drafts in contents and formatting.