Secondary and Tertiary Enrolment Assistance

We have contacts with all leading educational institutions to help your decision.

Beyond Migration understands the challenge of finding the perfect school or university for you or your children’s education. We can assist you with sorting through the huge range of options in order to find an education provider that suits your individual requirements.


By proving details of your circumstances and preferences we will:

  • Research suitable educational institutions
  • Select the institution/s that would meet your needs having regard to such factors as:
    • Locality
    • Interests/Pursuits
    • Cost
  • Provide you with our professional recommendation that would best suit your needs
  • Enrol you or your child in your chosen educational  institution involving:
    • Contacting the institution
    • Applying for enrolment
    • Preparing the documents required for enrolment
    • Filling out enrolment forms

Our Fees

$750 + GST