Full Case Management

Let our professional team handle your entire application with care from start to finish.

Your visa will be entirely managed by Beyond Migration, leaving you with precious free time to arrange everything else for your move to Australia. Our Full Case Management service includes:


• One on one consultation

• Personalised strategy and tailored solutions

• All paperwork review

• Visa application

• Legal research and professional advice on any complications

• Assistance with rectifying issues

• Assistance with health and character checks

• Correspondence with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection

• Flat fee and no hidden costs


Most other migration lawyers end their obligations once your visa application has been lodged, but at Beyond Migration we manage your case from the start of your application until you have successfully settled in Australia. We will provide you with personalised service and support by explaining and walking you through the entire process.


Unlike other migration firms, we don’t charge for every letter, email or phone call. There are no

hidden fees, no hidden charges, and nothing out of the scope of the contract.


Please see the relevant visa sections on our website for more details.